Continuous moisture measurement in industrial processes

Hygrophil H-4230

System solution including gas withdrawal sensor, heated gas pipeline und measurement device.

  • Long-term stable psychrometer
  • Measurement range 0 to 100°C dewpoint
  • Profibus DP
  • Analogue Outputs

Field of Application

  • Food Industry
    Control of the water vapourisation in the baking industry, Hot air chain cookers, Monitoring the drying of cereals, coffee, milk powder etc.
  • Combusters and cogeneration plants
    Emission measurement according to 13. and 17. BimSchV, Early detection of pipe bursts in boiler Systems, Fire-power control in waste incinerators
  • Building material industry
    Dryers for sand, loam, kaolin, Dryers for plaster boards and wood fiber plates, Process control in brick production
  • Gas analyses technique
    Flue gas analyses, Exhaust fumes analyses of engines, Mobile emission measurements
  • Ceramics and porcelain manufacturing
    Control of burning process, Control of the gas according to German TA air
  • Chemical industry
    Measurement of absolute humidity for accurate process management, Dryers for detergents, Dryers for fertilizers
  • Environmental measurement techniques
    Sludge drying, Humidity Measurement in biogas and digester gas
  • Glass manufacturing
    Monitoring the drying process e.g. fire protection glass
  • Pharmacy
    Humidity control in coating, agglomeration or granulation processes
  • Metal industry
    Control of the sinter process, Control of the coke drying