Thermophil INFRAsmart R 300/301/302

Contactless measurement of temperature for all applications

Thermophil INFRAsmart R 300/301/302

Stationary pyrometer for contactless and quick measurement of temperature for objects in motion, under current or with poor conduction of heat, e.g. plastic films, paper or bulk materials.

  • compact, sturdy pyrometer
  • integrated electronics up to 70 °C
  • two-wire techniques 4 – 20 mA
  • HART interface
  • spectral range for plastic, glass, metal
  • optic options for different measures
  • punctual temperature registration with good price-/performance ratio


  • plastics: thermoforming, foil production
  • textiles: textile drying
  • asphalt: mineral temperature of rotary run-out, asphalt temperature when silos are filled
  • asphalt temperature when asphalt is loaded
  • glass: glass forming, flat glass treatment
  • chemical industry: rotary kilns
  • automobile industry: brakes, lacquering
  • baking: regulation of hotplate temperature