Fire Truck Help

Fire Truck Help

Fire Truck Justification Kit

Struggling to convince your board it’s time to buy?

Most fire departments lack the tools to develop a financially compelling justification case study. Good news! There are only 3 reasons your council will give rather than buying a new truck. You don’t have to prepare for lots of alternatives.

FREE Fire Truck Justification Kit

This FREE kit examines the three “No-buy” decisions and offers tools & help in recognizing and overcoming each one with a compelling financial case study.

Does your council or board just want to:

  • Do nothing and buy sometime down the road
  • Save for a few years rather than buy now
  • Repair, refurbish, or buy a used truck instead

These 3 strategies include commonly-held, yet incorrect financial assumptions.

This FREE kit will provide tools to help you prepare a compelling financial case study.

What you’ll get:

  • Articles about each “no-buy” scenario
  • Help to uncover the wrong assumption for each scenario
  • Tools to help you develop a professional justification case study and presentation